Movement Defense and Security Culture

Untitled, or What to Do When Everyone Gets Arrested: A CRASS Course in Providing Arrestee Support” by CRASS (Community RNC Arrestee Support Structure)

The Age of Conspiracy Charges by CWC.

Psycho-Social Trauma Resource Guide: A resource guide for anyone impacted by the events of the G20 in Toronto

If CSIS comes knocking? Video from the People’s Commission Network (Montreal)

Towards a Collective Security Culture by CWC.

Security Culture: A Handbook for Activists. Available at Zine Library

Security Culture. Available at Zine Library

Beating Bad Habits: How community organizers are working together for more secure online communications. By Dan Kellar. The Dominion.

4strugglemag feature articles

Sri Lanka: The Lessons of Others, by Bill Dunne. 2010.

Prison Round Trip, by Klaus Viehmann with Bill Dunne and Gabriel Kuhn. 2009.

Invisibility of Women Prisoners’ Resistance, by Victoria Law. 2009.

Life, Health Care, Prisons and Cutting Costs, by Sundiata Acoli. 2009.

Excerpts from Survivors Manual: Surviving in Solitary, edited by Bonnie Kerness, AFSC.  2009

“Little Guantanamo”: Exposing the CMU, by Daniel McGowan. 2009.

An Updated History of the New Afrikan Prison Struggle, by Sundiata Acoli. 2009.

A Basic Introduction to Dialectical and Historical Materialism, by Jaan Laaman. 2008.

Liberation or Gangsterism: Freedom or Slavery – Part 1 and Part 2, by Russell Maroon Shoats. 2006.