Changing up our letter writing events

Perhaps some of you have noticed that we haven’t had a letter writing in a while. Well, we are looking for a new home! Beit Zatoun is closing down this summer due to the ‘renovations’ that are happening in the bloor/bathurst area.

We’re going to try and keep a regular schedule, but for now we are going to take what we can get! May’s event will be on Wednesday evening, May 18th, from 5:30-8:00pm – at the rad D-Beatstro cafe- 1292 Bloor St West (Lansdowne and Bloor). Bonus- D-Beats is totally wheelchair accessible (yeah that includes the bathroom!). Can’t guarantee when or where June’s event will be just yet.

We haven’t determined a topic/group of folks to write to, but it’ll be worked out shortly.


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