Denver Anarchist Black Cross 2014 Year End Report Out Now!

A great 72 page report of the work the Denver ABC has completed in 2014. So amazing to see it all compiled in one document.

Denver Anarchist Black Cross

DABC--YER_2015-COVER[web3] Denver Anarchist Black Cross Annual Report Back 2014 (click above image) Friends, Comrades,

You have in your hands the 2014 Year-End Report back for the Denver Anarchist Black Cross. A formidable volume, yes? For us, this represents a year of hard work, ups and downs; a hard, quantified record of what we do every day in constant struggle with the State and it’s horrifying prison system, all while juggling our personal lives. These tribulations are a reason why it has taken so long to get this report into your hands in June of 2015. Embarrassing as this is, it is because of the immense amount of work being done this year by DABC in conjunction with all of the other radical organizing in Denver at this time that we have been unable to get this to you until now. This, as you all are aware is the nature of the…

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