The 2015 Toronto Anarchist Bookfair – July 18-19

Copied from the email sent out from the Toronto Anarchist Bookfair Collective 

Callout for Tables and Workshop Proposals

Whether you’re new and curious about anarchism, or you have been an anarchist for decades, come join us for a jam-packed weekend of books and zines, workshops and discussions, good food, good friends, and more.  On Friday July 17, the night before the bookfair, we’ll meet up for games night in the park. July 18-19, the sixth annual Toronto Anarchist Bookfair takes place at the Steelworkers’ Hall at 25 Cecil Street just south of the University of Toronto main campus.

All anti-authoritarians are urged to get involved to make this year’s Bookfair a success. We need to hear from you about:

  • TABLES – if you are an anti-authoritarian publisher, a zine creator or distributer, an artist, an activist group, a community organization, an infoshop, a distributer or none of the above who has something to share, get in touch. Let us know if you want to reserve a table at the Bookfair for one day or both. You will be able to store your books and materials overnight in the locked Steelworkers Hall if you’d like.
  • WORKSHOPS – if you have an idea for a workshop or conversation that you would like to facilitate, please email us a title and a short description.  We will accept as many as we can fit. Workshops are 90-minutes long. Our goal is to have one stream of “introductory” workshops and one stream of “in-depth” workshops running simultaneously. Please let us know which stream you think your workshop would fit better in.

    The deadline for workshop proposals is Sunday June 15.
    ·       PROMOTION – is there an event going on around the same time that you’d like us to promote? Can you help promote the bookfair? Let us know!

    ·       HELPING OUT – if you have some time to help out with the Bookfair, from postering to food prep, please give us a hand!


We are committed to making the Bookfair as accessible and welcoming as possible: The Steelworkers’ Hall is wheelchair accessible; there will be childcare and kids programming; there will be a People of Colour space. And as always the Bookfair will abide by our Safer Space and Sexual Assault and Consent policies (which you can read about on our website).

If you have other ideas or suggestions for improving the accessibility of the event please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.

In Solidarity,

The Toronto Anarchist Bookfair Collective

Website: ttp://

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