April – May 2011 Schedule

Tools for Change is a series of skills-sharing and skills-building workshops designed to help you gain the tools for doing research, education, and action
for social and ecological justice.

*Register Now!* To register for workshops, please write to tools.change@gmail.com. Full schedule and workshop details below.

U P C O M I N G   W O R K S H O P S: Media Strategy 101
Saturday April 2
10am – 4pm
with Justin Podur and David Sone
Campaigns interact, influence, and are influenced by the media. This workshop will provide participants with the skills to develop a media strategy, write compelling press releases, give great interviews, and develop frames and messages that are in line with their goals.

* NEW *
Poster and Leaflet Design 101
Wednesday, April 6
with Nahed Mansour
Every successful event or action involves effective promotion. Sometimes word of mouth is enough, but activists usually depend on catchy outreach material to bring out the crowds. Design tools and training are typically difficult and expensive to access. Learn how to work around these constraints and to start making posters and leaflets you can brag about! Workshop with feminist anti-racist activist and artist Nahed Mansour.

* NEW *
Self-Defence: Politics and Practice
Sunday, April 17
with Jen Danch

Our experiences of violence impacts our lives, and our activism. To challenge patriarchy, colonialism and capitalism we need to be able to defend ourselves and our communities. Join us for a physical self-defence workshop and a discussion about gender norms and the right to anger, to healthy aggression and to countering the pathologizing of women who fight back. Jen Danch is an activist, amateur boxer and survivor of gender-based violence. She is currently the Coordinator of Shape Your Life – a free recreational boxing project for women and trans survivors of violence. www.torontonewsgirls.com/shapeyourlife

Grassroots Financial Management 101
Saturday May 7
1pm – 4pm
with Sharmeen Khan
In the whirl of everyday demands, it’s easy to loose track of our finances. The consequences are bad enough when we mismanage personal money,and the stakes are just as high when we’re dealing with the limited budgets of grassroots activist organizations. Come learn about the basic steps you must take to manage your group’s finances, including an introduction to bookkeeping.

Direct Action Gets the Goods
Saturday, May 21
11am- 5pm
Direct action has played an integral role in most movements for social change, from the civil rights era to the suffragettes, and from forest defence to worker justice movements. This workshop is for people who are newer to direct action, and are interested in learning some basic ways to engage. The workshop will cover various topics, including: examples of effective historical direct actions, building your action team, common roles in a direct action, decision making at actions, basic safety considerations, knowing your rights, the legal risks and consequences of taking action, escalation and de-escalation.

TOOLS for CHANGE is a series of skills-sharing and skills-building workshops
designed to help you gain the tools for doing research, education, and action
for social and ecological justice. This series is collaboratively organized by the
Ontario Public Interest Research Group (www.opirgtoronto.org) and Earthroots (www.earthroots.org).

*To register for workshops, please write to tools.change@gmail.com.
Most workshops take place in downtown Toronto. Transportation subsidies
are available for workshop participants. All venues are wheelchair accessible.

For more information, please contact tools.change@gmail.com.

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