Feb 10 2011: No Toronto Money to Support Fear & Deportations

No Toronto Money to Support Fear & Deportations
End Austerity! Ensure Public Services for All.

10am – 1pm
10 February 2011
Toronto City Hall

On February 10, 2011, the budget committee of the City of Toronto is meeting to cut 6,000 beds for refugee claimants, as well as access to food and services. They want to increase funds for a Toronto police force that does Immigration Enforcement’s dirty work, and puts cops in schools to harass undocumented and racialized youth. Rob Ford would rather give tax cuts to the rich than ensure that Toronto’s 200,000 undocumented residents can go to school, get healthcare, get good food, get community housing or live with justice and dignity.

Cuts to public services, increased money on policing and repression, and money for corporations are part of the Austerity agenda. The worst impacts of Austerity are felt by those already excluded from public services, and those already heavily criminalized – undocumented communities, migrant communities and poor and working people of color around the world. In times of recession, governments try to blame immigrants and refugees to distract from the real enemy – themselves.
In the spirit of unity and solidarity, No One Is Illegal – Toronto is calling our allies to join us to speak to Toronto’s Budget Committee to stop Toronto from being a Sweatshop City and to demand:
** All city services funded, or administered by the city ensure that lack of immigration status is not a barrier to accessing services.
** Reinstate the 6,000 beds, services and meals for refugee claimants.
** Stop Toronto Police, Court Officers, TTC Special Constables and others from handing over undocumented people to Immigration Enforcement.
** Give untied funding to immigrant service agencies that have been denied funding by the federal govt., many for their political opinions.
At the same time, we support calls to raise the rates, and to ensure free community housing, free and accessible transit, a living wage, unionized work for all city workers, and accessible childcare and schools.
Our friends at the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty are collecting information about the massive service cuts to shelters, to tenants, to community services and to transit. To see the information they have gathered, please visit www.ocap.ca
Come to meeting to join the fight for Status for All! Sanctuary City! Full Regularization!
No One Is Illegal – Toronto Campaigns for a Sanctuary City:
  • Shelter|Sancutary|Status
  • Education Not Deportation
  • Food for All
  • End Police Brutality
  • and support for our allies Health for All
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