J18 Update: Prison Uprising in MIllhaven Unit Where Roger is Held – Guards fire shots and use chemical weapons‏

Kingston Whig-Standard
For the second time in a month, more than 100 convicts in the
assessment unit at Millhaven Institution have staged an uprising.
Nearly 140 inmates in the prison unit west of Kingston refused to
return to their cells from recreation at 10 p.m. Tuesday, according to
Correctional Service Canada.
Staff talked the prisoners out of the protest, and by 1:30 a.m., all
of them had returned to their cells.
In early December, 120 prisoners from the unit refused to return to
their cells from recreation period. Staff fired shotguns and used
chemicals to contain the situation.
The uprising was an apparent protest over access to services and
facilities. Corrections did not release any information about the
motive for this week's incident.
The prison is still operating on its usual routine.
The assessment unit houses prisoners who are new to the federal system
in Ontario. They undergo screening before being placed in prisons
based on program and security needs.
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