Dec 18-25, Make a declaration: No One Is Illegal!

As we see a global push towards silencing dissent, it has become increasingly necessary to build, and expand our own networks of communication and strengthen our capacity for resistance.

Dec 18 is International Migrants Day. We are calling upon our allies to help us build Dec 18 – Dec 25 as a week of online action and support for No One Is Illegal-Toronto.

** DONATE to No One Is Illegal-Toronto (encourage your friends to do the same)
(consider becoming a monthly sustainer or give us a holiday gift to continue our work)

** MAKE this IMAGE your FACEBOOK and TWITTER PROFILE from Dec 18-Dec 25

** ENCOURAGE everyone you know to JOIN our MAILING LIST by emailing

** go to our FACEBOOK page, click INVITE PEOPLE TO JOIN and select all your friends

** FOLLOW us on Twitter and RT our messages inviting others to do the same

** DOWNLOAD our RADIO SHOWS, tune in WEEKLY on Fridays at 6pm and

** POST this announcement on your website and blog, and forward it to email lists


No One Is Illegal-Toronto is a grassroots migrant justice organization that fights for the rights of all migrants, irrespective of immigration status, to live with dignity and respect.

We have recently pushed Immigration Enforcement out of all Anti-Violence Against Women spaces and are organizing against racist federal immigration bills. We support migrant workers, communities resisting deportation and act in defense of Indigenous Sovereignty. This past June, we took to the streets with thousands of others to resist the G20.

We are building a Sanctuary City – a city that is safe, accessible and just for all its residents and free of the ideas, the corporations and the systems that are responsible for war, environmental havoc and economic misery. We are fighting to push Immigration Enforcement out of Schools and Post-Secondary Institutions and of food banks; supporting access to health care and ensuring justice and dignity. We are building a Solidarity City – a city where all social movements act together to build grassroots anti-colonial, anti-imperialist resistance.

We organize an annual May Day of Action for Status for All, because for us, Status is not just recognition by the Canadian immigration system. It is the things that immigration status supposedly ensures to people and more. The fight for Status is the fight for good food, work, healthcare, education, childcare, for free movement, for justice and for dignity.

To find out more, and to get involved, visit

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