Some words from Alex Hundert in Jail, October 11, 2010.

“People should not be surprised by the injustice against me. Egregious injustice is a daily occurrence everywhere that the G20 agenda is propagated. From ongoing attacks against Indigenous nations, to the targeting of migrant communities, to the ignored epidemic of violence against women across this land, in this country we live amidst a systemic culture of injustice that increasingly threatens every single one of us, but explicitly targets individuals and communities who do not conform to the dominant norms of the system.

“Too much attention has been paid to a small number of cases of repression, particularly my own, when people need to be focused on and fighting back against broader patterns of oppression that flow from the racist capitalist system propagated by the G20 states, their corporations, their militaries, and their police. The most important thing that I can say today, is that the issues which motivated people to organize against the G20 – poverty, migrant justice, indigenous sovereignty, the environment, queer liberation, ableism, patriarchy, and violence against women – all continue to have tremendous impacts on people’s daily lives. And despite incarceration, my commitment to these struggles is only strengthened, as are our movements.”

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