What is a public demonstration? And why are people bing jailed for it?

19 Sep 2010 – The Community Solidarity Network, a grassroots network that exists to defend people criminalized during the G20 Summit and to continue fighting the policies of the G20, is enraged at the arrest of Alex Hundert, following a talk he delivered titled “Strengthening Our Resolve: Movement Building and Ongoing Resistance to the G20 Agenda” at the invitation of Ryerson University. Alex has been arrested for speaking on a
panel which the crown insists is a breaking of ‘no-public demonstration’ bail condition.

Ontario Court Attorneys Jason Miller and Vince Paris, the G20 Investigative Team particularly Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux and OPP Detective John Vandenheuvel have now broken all laws of reason and justice.

The G20 Circus that wreaked havoc in Toronto; wasted over $1.2 billion dollars and resulted in immense trauma for thousands who were abused and assaulted by the police has now reached the point of absurdity.

A panel in a university classroom is not a demonstration. The police and prosecution’s attempts to say that it is would be laughable if not for the serious consequences to people’s lives. This is an undisguised attempt to silence meaningful opposition to police brutality and the G20 agenda of exploitation and exclusion.

Presently nearly over 100 people have a “no-demonstration” bail condition. Does that means that none of them are to speak publicly about their treatment by the police and prosecution?

Public demonstrations are acceptable and effective ways of creating transformative change. The overthrow of colonialism around the world, women’s right to vote, workers rights to good working conditions and most recently the HST exemption for indigenous communities in Ontario were important victories by organized people willing and able to demonstrate their ideas and beliefs.

Banning such actions is an attempt to weaken the social fabric of our communities and cannot be justified. As recently as 2002, the Ontario Court of Justice found that restricting an individual’s right to public demonstration is unconstitutional.

Jason Miller, Vince Paris, Gary Giroux and John Vandenheuvel, along with Stephen Harper, Dalton McGuinty, Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, Ontario Provincial Police Chief Julian Fantino and Royal Canadian Mounted Police Chief Alphonse MacNeil are attacking our freedom to speak our minds, express ourselves and associate with our communities.

We must resist.

Free Alex Hundert! Free all G20 prisoners! Free all political prisoners!


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