Beloved & Respected Community Organizer Behind Bars

Toronto Communities Demand His Release

Urgent Support Needed!
Please Donate to Hussan’s Legal Defense Fund
Mail cheques to:
No One Is Illegal-Toronto
90C Beverley Street
Toronto ON M5T 1Y1

Syed Hussan, 25, an organiser with No One Is Illegal-Toronto and the Toronto Community Mobilization Network was swarmed by a group of plain clothes police-officers, thrown into an unmarked van and driven away while on his way to the Labour March at Queen’s Park on the morning of Saturday, June 26th.

“I see this as a failed attempt to instill fear into our movements and silence dissent,” said organiser Farrah Miranda, who witnessed the arrest. “Hussan has unwavering support from many communities across this city who respect his outstanding contributions to social justice-based initiatives.”

“Mr. Hussan is eager to return to his work in the community, and looks forward to answering these baseless allegations against him in court,” asserted Michael Leitold, his lawyer.

“I am closely familiar with Hussan’s enormous service to community and academic groups devoted to social justice,” commented David McNally, Professor of Political Science at York University. “Hussan is a coordinator with the distinguished Centre for Feminist Research at York and is widely respected for his work there and beyond as a researcher, writer and community organizer.”

“Hussan is one of the most respected and important organizers in the city,” said Judy Rebick, a Professor and the Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy at Ryerson University. “He is thoughtful, intelligent and sensitive to the needs of communities. His diplomacy skills and ability to bring people together are a direct contradiction to the allegations made against him.”

“Hussan has supported the women in our community to improve our lives. He’s provided free childcare and educational workshops teaching us about the impacts of climate change on our home countries and the policies of the G8 and G20,” said Sultana Jahinger, Executive Director of the South Asian Women’s Rights Organisation.

“I feel scared for Hussan and really sad,” said Alisha Alam, an 11-year-old participant in Hussan’s youth program. “He taught us a lot about the real world. He stands up for people’s rights. He’s nice and friendly, and I don’t think he should have been arrested.”

“Hussan has worked extensively with the Nomanzland Theatre group operating out of Jane and Finch and the community is deeply indebted to him for his work with youth of colour and their families,” said Greg Thomas, theatre group Coordinator.

“Our community members in Jane-Finch Action Against Poverty have worked closely with Hussan and No One Is Illegal. His arrest is completely unjustifiable. We’re demanding that he be released immediately,” said the group’s spokesperson Sabrina Gopaul.

It is clear that a broad range of community groups will not accept this unjustifiable attempt to silence a valued and courageous voice for social justice. It is going to cost over $15,000 to mount an effective legal defense against these baseless charges, so please donate whatever you can. This fight will continue until Hussan is released, all charges are dropped, and he is safe and back to organizing for progressive change in our society.

Donate to Hussan’s Legal Defense Fund
Please mail cheques (with “Legal Defense Fund” in the subject line) to:
No One Is Illegal-Toronto
90C Beverley Street
Toronto ON M5T 1Y1

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