Running Down the Walls Sept 6-7th

We won’t be organizing an event for Toronto this year but instead are supporting those in other cities.

Check out this video for Denver’s event. The Denver ABC is hosting their 5th annual 5k run/walk for US political prisoners. This years event is dedicated to Ryan Ronquillo, who was murdered by the Denver Police on July 2, 2014. To sponsor a runner, contact the group at or

Over in NYC the Running Down the Walls event will be supporting the RAPP campaign (Release Aging People in Prison). Check our their site for more info! If you’re not in the NYC area you can still support participants by mailing donations to 

Post Office Box 110034
Brooklyn, New York 11211

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Anarchy Camp at the People’s Social Forum

If you are going to be heading to the People’s Social Forum next weekend be sure to check out Anarchy Camp! The folks involved in the Anarchist Welcoming Committee have put in a lot of effort to organize space for anarchists in social, learning and comfort settings.

See the pamphlet below!

Anarchist Welcoming Committee at the Peoples’ Social Forum, Aug 21 – 24.


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Letter writing to start in September 2014

Thanks to those of you who came out to say hello at the Toronto Anarchist Bookfair last month. We had a good time.

We did not do a letter writing night in July and will not be doing one this month either. Members of the Toronto ABC will be moving around for conferences, assemblies and also for fun! We don’t have the capacity to host a letter writing night this month.

We will start back up again in September. Remember it’s the last Sunday of every month! Hope to see you then.

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Sekou Kambui parole hearing coming up!

Hey all,

Sekou’s parole hearing has finally been scheduled for the 18th of June! We
are making one last push for letters of support, petition signatures, and
funds to get myself and another supporter (and more folks, if possible)
down to Alabama for the hearing. In the state of Alabama, parole hearings
are held outside of the prison, and prisoners cannot attend. Supporters,
however, can pack these hearings, and it would be of great help to Sekou to
have vocal support there.

Below is the link to an EverRibbon page set up by a fellow Sekou supporter
in Colorado, Jennifer Murnan. If there’s any money you can donate, please
do so here:

And again, please continue to send in letters of support for Sekou’s
release, addressed to:

Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles
301 South Ripley Street
PO Box 302405
Montgomery, Al 36130-2405
Chairman Clifford Walker
Associate Members Robert P. Longshore and William W. Wynne Jr.

Please send copies (and/or originals) of all letters to:

Aaron Schaefer
P.O. Box 11236
Denver, CO 80211

There is also an online petition for Sekou’s release, found here:


Support letters and hard copies of the petition will be hand-delivered to
the parole board on the 18th.

*Letter Template [If you need it]*
Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles
301 South Ripley Street
PO Box 302405
Montgomery, Al 36130-2405
Chairman William W. Wynne Jr.
Associate Members Robert P. Longshore and Cliff Walker

Chairman, Members of the Board,

I am writing to request the timely parole of William J. Turk, #113058A,
also known as Sekou Kambui. William/Sekou asserts his innocence of the
crimes he has served almost forty years of his sentence for. Despite the
fact that he has been up for parole five times in the last decade, and
despite the fact that there is no solid evidence linking William/Sekou to
the scene of the murders he has been charged with, he is still inexplicably
in prison. Major witnesses for both his first trial and appeal reported
being coerced to testify against William/Sekou, and the misconduct of the
Alabama court system, the Birmingham Police Department, and the Jefferson
County Sheriff’s Department at the time of Sekou’s arrest and trial is
obvious. [More detailed information on Sekou's case can be found Denver
ABC and ABCF sites, and in the petition for his release below, if you wish
to include it]
[Include any positive/pertinent personal interactions with Sekou,
correspondence, etc. that you may have had]
William Turk/Sekou Kambui is innocent, and has suffered decades in
prison due to a unfair arrest, investigation, and trial. William/Sekou is
being punished for his activism during the Civil Rights Movement of the 50s
and 60s, not any real crime. I ask you, the Alabama Board of Pardons and
Paroles, to recognize his innocence and grant him parole at his upcoming


[name and signature]

Free Sekou, and all Political Prisoners/POWs!

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Bottle drive for 4strugglemag. Help us print Issue 24!

Spring is here, and that means… Spring cleaning! Long weekend! Empty beer and wine bottles!
The arrival of spring also also means that the new issue of is ready. Unfortunately, we do not have enough funds to cover postage to send free copies to over 700 subscribers in prison.
So, we’re having a bottle drive! Help us by donating your empty beer and wine bottles and cans.
Toronto ABC Bottle Drive
Tuesday, May 20
5 – 8 p.m.
3 ways to participate: 
1. Come visit us:
The Beer Store
65 Brock Ave. (in the parking lot)
Drop off your empties, and we’ll be there to thank you in person!
2. If you have a larger amount of empties to donate, contact us ( and we can discuss pickup in the Toronto area.

3. You can also support our Virtual Bottle DriveJust return your empties and donate to us here:

Every little bit helps!
4strugglemag and Toronto Anarchist Black Cross
About 4sm:
For 10 years, has been a voice for prisoners and their supporters. 
Over the course of 23 issues, our online and print magazine has covered many issues, from struggles against war and imperialism, to conscious hip-hop, to reflections on global uprisings, to resisting sexism, homophobia and transphobia. We feature letters, articles and art from prisoners and activists around the world.
We send free copies of each issue to 700 prisoners across North America, and reach many hundreds more through shared copies. It costs us $2000 each issue to print and mail free copies to our prison readers.
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Toronto ABC letter writing night for Palestinian political prisoners

Each April, Toronto ABC devotes our monthly letter writing dinner to Palestinian prisoners.
This year we will be hosting the event on april 20th, 2014 at Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham street.

Join us for an update on the situation for Palestinian prisoners, recent hunger strikes, and how you can help. We’ll be writing letters of solidarity to several prisoners and their families.

As always, we’ll provide a tasty vegan meal, and all of the information and materials you need. Join us for a relaxed and social night of discussion!

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Toronto ABC Monthly Letter Dinner: Supporting Palestinian Prisoners

Sunday, April 28
6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St. 

Each April, Toronto ABC devotes our monthly letter writing dinner to Palestinian prisoners.

Join us for an update on the situation for Palestinian prisoners, recent hunger strikes, and how you can help. We’ll be writing letters of solidarity to several prisoners and their families.

As always, we’ll provide a tasty vegetarian meal, and all of the information and materials you need. Join us for a relaxed and social night of discussion!

For the latest report from Addameer on Palestinian prisoners and abuses against them, check out this PDF:

Thanks to Beit Zatoun ( for their ongoing support of our letter nights for prisoners. On the last Sunday of each month, we gather for food, camaraderie and to learn more about political prisoners and how we can support them. For more info, email
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G20 Sentencing Monday – Support BC Activist Eva Botten

Monday March 25 @ 1pm
Ontario Superior Court (361 University Ave – near St Patrick Stn) 
(look up Botten at the desk for room number)

Arrested in the fall of 2010, Eva is an activist from BC who was found guilty of 6 counts of mischief over $5k and 1 count of disguise with intent this past January 2012. The Crown alleges she caused over $300k of damages to corporate targets, police headquarters and banks.

Eva would appreciate your support at her sentencing this Monday.

The prison industrial complex likes to isolate individuals and prevent communication with those on the outside. Jail time in Ontario will mean extra support is needed to help Eva stay in touch with her family and community in BC. Love and solidarity from Southern Ontario is also needed and welcomed.

[Prior to sentencing Eva still faces bail conditions, including nonassociation with many people such as those who belong/belonged to AW@L, SOAR and No One Is Illegal. If you think this might be you, please still come to court! but wait for her lawyer to be present if you are going to talk to her. After sentencing, this no longer applies so stay tuned for updates on where to write her.]

Check out for more info on Eva’s case, updates and how to donate funds.

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Lock Down Refusal in Penetang: G20 Prisoner in the hole

Reposted from Guelph ABC

As of today, January 17th 2012 Alex Hundert has been held for 6 days in segregation (the hole). He is facing institutional charges (which are different from criminal charges, but can prolong his sentence and assign punitive time in the hole) stemming from a refusal of lock down to protest general degrading of conditions in the jail.

The lock down refusal took place on Saturday January 12th, around 4 units participated and their demands were to reclaim 30 minutes at the end of the day (lockup at 7 instead of 6:30) so people could have more time to use the phones to call their families when the rates are significantly cheaper. That is also when relatives and friends are home from work and can take calls. At 6:50pm, after a 20 minute stand-off, fifty to sixty guards stormed the range and forced everyone into their cells. One guy was tackled, assaulted and dragged off the range in cuffs.

Alex was charged and taken to the hole. According to policy a prisoner at the Central North Correctional Complex can be help for up to 10 days before a hearing or questioning.  Alex is in fine spirits and is feeling strong.

Write to Alex to keep his spirits up:

Alex Hundert
c/o C.N.C.C.
1501 Fuller Ave.
Penetanguishene, Ontario
L9M 2H4 Canada

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4strugglemag issue 21!

Toronto ABC will be making an effort to update our site more often. Please stay tuned, and send us anything you think we should share – torontoblackcross [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!
At long last, issue 21 of 4strugglemag is online! Read the introduction from editor Jaan Laaman below, and check out the rest of the articles at
4strugglemag is in dire need of financial support. Please help us continue to send hundreds of free copies of each issue to prisoners!
You can subscribe or donate here:

NEXT ISSUE: Combating Sexism, Homophobia and Transphobia

OCTOBER 4, 2012
Welcome to 4sm, issue 21. We are very glad to finally get this issue out, in Fall 2012. I know a lot of readers, friends and activists have been wondering what happened to 4strugglemag? This is the first issue we are putting out in 2012. It is a combined Summer and Fall issue. Normally 4sm comes out three times a year (March, July/August, November). This is the first time we have had to combine two issues into one.

Some people may have been wondering about my ability to continue working on 4sm, after the death of my son last October. Without any doubt, the death of Rick was and continues to be the hardest reality in my life. This was not the reason for the delay in issue 21. We have had medical and personal problems with key outside people. A valued precious sister (Sara), who does so much to make 4sm a reality, seriously broke her arm in a bicycle accident earlier this year.

Some material in this issue covers events from earlier in the year, but all of it remains important and pertinent. Regular readers know that 4sm always runs a section on Black August in our summer issue. Because 21 is coming out so late this summer, there is no usual Black August section. We are running some significant insight and analysis, by Mumia Abu Jamal, George Jackson and his nephew Jonathan Jackson Jr., about the events of August 7, 1970 (the Marin Courthouse Raid and the deaths of Jonathan Jackson and others on that day).

Also, because of the late arrival of this issue, we are not helping to announce and organize this year’s Running Down the Walls, which takes place on September 2. We do want people who participated in RDTW, both inside prisons and out in cities across the country, to send us words and photos of your run. We will use some of this material in the next issue.

There are many other important and informative articles in this issue. Definitely check out the reports on Occupy. Also check out the lengthy section on prisons. Finally take time to read David Gilbert’s letter, calling for discussion and action around the issue of sexist and male chauvinist attitudes and behavior in activist and radical communities. This is a serious and ongoing problem and 4sm hopes many readers will respond and begin a discussion on this.

We welcome our readers’ thoughts and responses to everything in 4sm. Send us your thoughts and best writing. Issue 22 will be out in the winter. And yes, there is another election coming up in the United States in November. The Republicans seem to be more reactionary and backwards than ever. Certainly Mitt Romney is a shameless member and advocate for the corporate imperialist 1% elite. He also would be a horror for prisoners. I was in Walpole state prison in Massachusetts when he was Governor, and I can tell you from personal experience, the Mass DOC got even worse under his rule. As for Obama and the Democrats, more war, more secrecy, more drone attacks and little real help for all the rest of us – unemployed, underemployed, still losing homes, mounting college loans and other bills, and well over 2 million people in prison. One thing is for sure, no Washington politician will secure a better future for the vast majority of the people. Both imperialist parties – Republicans and Democrats – have no plan or intention to change the inherently unequal, unjust, racist and warlike USA capitalist imperialist system. It is time for more activism on all levels – more unity and more direct action and participation of the people. Some time tested slogans seem appropriate and called for now:

Black and white, unite and fight…Less talk, more action…

All Power to the People!

On that thought, we’ll see you in issue 22.

Jaan Laaman, editor

Jaan Karl Laaman
USP Tucson
P.O. Box 24550
Tucson, AZ
USA 85734

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